What We Do?



As in many industries, the faster the development, the greater the number of challenges that harvest up. The e-Commerce industry is its very own ecosystem and has continually changing technologies and upgrades which get implemented quickly, so competitors can one-up each other in the quest for more customer traffic and a larger size of the pie. While there are many established players in the e-Commerce industry, it's the new up and coming new businesses and little e-Commerce companies which face the greatest challenges. Technosys IT Management's exhaustive rundown of services for e-Commerce companies is the thing that makes it an ideal partner on the off chance that you are hoping to make your imprint in the industry

As one of the world's foremost e-Commerce arrangements provider, Technosys IT Management has worked with clients over the globe to create feature-rich e-Commerce applications for both web and mobile. We rely on key business metrics and scientific information to lead the charge and help our clients increase higher revenue and permeability for their foundation. Having worked with both B2B and B2C clients, our e-Commerce deployment team comes with expansive resumes and a great deal of experience so as to work with your unique requirements and deliver unequivocally. From confirmation of-concept to project implementation, our range of services has something for every one of your needs, and include –


e-Commerce players in the present market need to prepare to stun the world and play goal-oriented, while continually concentrating on customer service. As an e-Commerce organization, your consider center presents the face of your organization and helps to keep open generosity going while creating an omnichannel shopping experience for your customers. Our 24x7x365 call centers are equipped with state-of-craftsmanship infrastructure including email management software, call loggers and auto-dialers, IVR facilities, reporting engines, etc. Our professional call center agents further ensure that all your customer queries are answered in the best possible manner. Our services include:

• Inbound Call Center
• Outbound Call Center
• Telemarketing


Technosys IT Management offers completely integrated, e-Commerce software development services which suit a wide range of development models and implementation approaches. Our developers are experienced in industry-wide best practices and follow an Agile development methodology for brisk, top notch last items created as per your specifications. From arrangement arranging, e-Commerce software counseling, site implementation, we take care, all things considered, Our services comprise of:

• Custom Software Development
• Mobile Application Development


When it comes to running an effective e-Commerce platform, categorized and accurate product information management is of the utmost necessity. Our data entry services ensure that each product across every category on your platform showcase the correct specifications, descriptions, images, user reviews, and other relevant information. Bulk product data upload requires constant and dedicated effort which our experienced data entry operators possess and can help reduce turnaround times by as much as 60%!. With our help, your e-Commerce storefront will always be able to showcase the most unique and up-to-date content thereby creating a positive impression on the minds of your users. Our services include:

• Data Processing
• Invoice Data Entry
• Data Cleansing
• Data Conversion
• Online Catalog and e-Commerce Data Entry


Our quick, accurate, and extremely reliable e-Commerce transcription services help to cover every one of your requirements while ensuring complete information confidentiality. Our professional transcription services cover everything from sound, video, plain text and subtitles across more than 50 languages. We leverage the latest implicit devices. Technosys IT Management's transcription services comprise of:

• Business Transcription Services
• Legal Transcription Services
• Foreign Language Transcription